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March 08, 2005

Sad Day For Democracy In Europe 

Today European Council totally un-democratically moved on legalising software patents, despite European Parlament, general public and the whole software industry strongly resisted the act. This directive is about to destroy a whole industry, making small software business and non-commercial development impossible.

Seriously, this case of software patentability has proved democracy in European Union is a joke. Large multinational corporations rule both EU and USA.

March 07, 2005

TightVNC & SSH 

Tried ssh tunneled TightVNC session from Win32 to Debian Linux server today. Getting it up and running was straight-forward:

I figured out some of these details after reading this article.
I also installed Debian package icewm and patched ~/.vnc/xstartup to start icewm. Desktop size can be forced by entering a $geometry entry in /etc/vnc.conf.

Biggest benefits of TightVNC over remove X sessions seem to be lower bandwith requirements and the ability to disconnect session.

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